• PR v Advertising
  • Brand Awareness v Brand Strength
  • Branding v Brand
  • Broad Focus v Narrow Focus
  • Category Marketing v Marketing You
  • Common Sense v Brand Sense
  • Communicating v Positioning
  • Complexity v Simplicity
  • Demographic v Mindset
  • Designed Logos v Brand Logos
  • Design/Marketing Agency v Brand Consultancy
  • Fire Aim Ready v Ready Aim Fire
  • Inconsistency v Consistency
  • Internal Pride v Lived Reality
  • Marketing v Branding
  • Number One Brand v Number Two Brand
  • Ordinary v Extraordinary
  • Today

Violet Bick is the expert, strategic brand consultancy that helps clients to build, design and run their brands – profitably.

STOP MARKETING, START BRANDING. We’re different because we’ll encourage you to stop marketing – completely – until your brand is right.

So; no more wasteful investment of time and money strategising, innovating or getting creative until we have something clear, simple, compelling, distinct and ownable to say.

A complete solution

Our end-to-end approach includes research, brand and marketing strategy and framework development, design, planning and implementation.

Then, through creative storytelling in print design, web/digital design, social media and online and offline PR we bring brands to life.

We’re all you need.

What is brand?

Brand is the reason people buy you, and buy into you. It’s rational and emotional association. It’s what they know and believe about you, how they feel about you and how strongly and how permanently connected to you they feel.

This is influenced by your story, your offer, your culture, how you look and how you deliver these things over time. More practically, it’s harnessing digital and print communication, voice, PR and design. And it’s things like budgeting, induction, team-building, strategy and sales.

Violet Bick clients

Violet Bick builds brand for entrepreneurial thinkers with start-up or growing businesses, social enterprises and global players.

How we work

We work with you, at board level, normally for at least six months, one or more days each week. One Violet Bick Consultant leads, calling on other team members as needed.

And the result of working with the Violet Bick team?

Informed, engaged and inspired employees, customers and partners – and the opportunity to grow an increasingly profitable businesses.